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My name is Andrea, I'm 17 years old, and I'm from Norway. My main fandoms are Supernatural and Doctor whooooEEEEOOOOO WEEEOOOOooOOoO

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Anonymous whispered: how does a lab have sex with a sausage dog?! Either the poor little dachshund gets smooshed or somebody has to stand there holding it...?!

omG i have no idea, hAHAH. gonna have to ask the owner later omg

plaideangel replied to your post: I just woke up and we’re getting a dog…

wait what when did this become a thing

have no idea

justadashofsarcasm reblogged your post I just woke up and we’re getting a dog… and added:

oh what kind??

like a mixture of labrador and those sausage dogs HAHHA this coud be interesting

I just woke up and we’re getting a dog????


but when did i start saying ‘yo’ unironically



i’m not even confused about my sexuality i just don’t really give a shit


Dean’s first reaction when Cas does understand that reference.

pink-trenchcoat whispered: rude ass motherfuckers, remaking is a thing like hello

Amen to that (even tho they we’rent exactly rude)

and it was not my intention to “steal” any ideas. I thought, hey, there are like 30 posts like it out there anyways?? so ??

Anonymous whispered: So why not reblog instead of posting your own and taking credit?

The reason I made it was because I haven’t seen a post like that in months. Is it really that bad that i made another? There are lots of posts like this one going around anyway? I added that it wasn’t my idea though.

And i didn’t take credit tbh

Anonymous whispered: That "neck-stretching" post was definitely not your own idea so.

i know that??